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As owners and operators, the Shashi Group team approaches hotel management with a unique perspective.  We understand the balance between long-term strategic planning and daily execution, data-driven decisions and well-developed intuition, stellar guest experiences and growing profits.  At Shashi Group, we provide comprehensive, top-to-bottom hotel management services to elevate your hotel’s performance and improve guest satisfaction.


In the day-to-day rituals and strategies of hospitality management, the operational component must be in line with brand guidelines and corporate goals.  Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your property has operations experts guiding the way.

Sales & Marketing

In a digital world where your guests have a wealth of options at their fingertips, your sales and marketing initiatives must drive conversions.  Explore the difference with technology-driven sales and marketing campaigns through Shashi Group’s hotel management division.

Revenue Management & Accounting

In a time of competitive rates and seemingly constant promotions, your hotel’s numbers tell an important story.  Know that your property is pricing and positioning itself properly while strategizing for a more profitable future.

Staffing & Human Resources

In the hospitality industry, a team of dedicated employees drives a property’s success more than anything else.  Understand the impact on your guests’ satisfaction when you recruit and maintain a staff of genuine, highly trained, and truly content team members.

Food & Beverage

In today’s food-conscious culture, your property’s food and beverage offerings become an essential aspect of your guests’ experience.  Keep more of their valuable dollars on-site, while reaching beyond your property line to become a local dining destination.

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