Our Team

A Foundation of Exceptional Professionals

Shashi Group is built on a foundation of exceptional professionals with a wide-range of established expertise.  The Shashi Group team has a dynamic background from a variety of sectors, including hospitality, technology, real estate, finance, city planning, and construction. 

Our team was developed strategically, so as to ensure we had diversified internal expertise in all essential areas, including acquisitions, planning, design, construction, project management, finance, asset management, and hotel operations. Combined, we have the knowledge, passion, and skill to continue to revolutionize the guest experience across the region and the nation. At Shashi Group, each team member strives to be a cutting-edge leader in the hospitality market.

Executive Team

Leading the Shashi brand and its partners forward with an exceptional blend of expertise, vision, and passion.

Finance Team

Executing sound financial strategies to secure consistent profit growth and returns for partners and investors.

Operations Team

Managing the daily operations to ensure the highest levels of service and innovation at every Shashi property.

Development Team

Conceptualizing and developing new projects that drive the continued success of the Shashi hospitality brand.

Investment Team

Our investment team is responsible for the sourcing and analysis of all potential investment opportunities.

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